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Enroll in Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit

If you find yourself with a credit (overpayment) in your student account, McMaster will first verify, then refund the overpayment.

For a quick, safe and easy way to receive a refund, we strongly recommend students enroll in Direct Deposit by entering their personal bank account information. Funds will be transferred electronically back to their personal bank account. The alternative would be to wait for a cheque to be cut and mailed out.

NOTE: Refunds are generally scheduled for February of each year (after the Winter term drop/add period is over and all courses finalized). There are certain circumstances where we would accept a refund request mid-session, i.e. a withdraw, overpayment in error, etc.). Requests will be accepted by email to In the Subject line, please type REFUND, your name and 9-digit ID number. i.e. Subject: REFUND – John Smith #00111111

Before enrolling in Direct Deposit:

The most important thing you need in order to begin is your correct banking information.

NOTE: DO NOT enter the number on your bank card.

Your correct banking information can be found at the bottom of any cheque belonging to the account you want your payment deposited. Example below (from the bottom of the cheque).


Cheque Sample

  1. The first three numbers are the cheque number (not required for this enrolment).

  2. The next five numbers are the transit number (branch number) – REQUIRED.

  3. The next three numbers are the financial institution number (bank code) – REQUIRED.

  4. The remaining numbers are your bank account number – REQUIRED.

If you don’t have cheques, this information is available by contacting your bank directly. Many banks provide this information online, under the secured account information section.

Once you have your correct banking information, visit your Mosaic Portal to enroll.

How to Enroll in Direct Deposit:

  1. Log on to Mosaic using your MAC ID and password

  2. Click the “Student Centre.”

  3. Under “Finances,” select “Enroll in Direct Deposit.” Then click on “go.” (Blue circle with the double arrows)

  4. Click the “Enroll in Direct Deposit.”


  5. Enter the needed Bank Details and click “Next” to finish setting up the direct deposit


  6. You should receive a green check-mark once the banking information is added. THERE ARE 5 MORE STEPS TO COMPLETE THE ENROLMENT PROCESS. Continue to follow the prompts to complete this process.

  7. You will need to agree to the Terms and Conditions.

  8. Finally, click the “SUBMIT” button, and your information will be successfully added.